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I love the idea of getting rid of everything I own, well almost everything.  That is exactly where the problem starts. I can’t get rid of that because I paid x amount for it. I can’t get rid of this; it has to much sentimental value and on and on. I give myself excuses to keep what I don’t really need and I end up keeping most of my stuff, even though I want less stuff!

Yesterday I got rid of about one-fourth of my closet. It felt good, I wanted to get rid of more, but I just couldn’t part with it. Tragic! It’s just stuff. Why do I keep it?

After the closet, I moved on to books. I have actually bought books at the DI that I gave away! (I’ve done that with clothes, too. But only once.) I gave away about 20 books. It was super easy!

I’m going to go through the kitchen later today. I’m sure I can find 20 unused\unwanted kitchen items.

Why am I doing this?

I don’t want things to matter. I want to live my life free enough that most of my stuff doesn’t matter that much to me. I want to be free from the pull of STUFF.

It takes a ton of will power to NOT buy. It takes a ton of discipline to keep your house pared down to what is necessary. Stuff has a way of expanding when you turn your back. For me, clothes and books are things that just keep coming in. I will admit that I bring them in. At the time, I think I need them.

I have been really inspired over the years with the idea of less. Once I gave away most of my closet, and most of my kids toys. It was a great time in my life. But over the years we’ve gotten more, and now I’m ready to set it all free again. I don’t need it.

I need the peace that comes from empty space. I need the peace that comes from drawers that shut easily. I need the peace of a closet with 30 things in it. I need the peace of not having anything stored under my bed. I need the peace of bookshelves that hold pictures of people I love or meaningful things, not crammed with books, books, books.

I need the peace that comes from having less.

And the only way to get that is to actually have less.

Less stuff = more peace.

Here are some blog posts that really inspired me:





Happy reading! And I wish you much success in your journey of decluttering.


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The Fourth of July

I just love the fourth of July, it is one of my favorite holidays.  Here are a few picture of what I would like my house to look like.

Estate Flag Set

Estate Flag Set



Vintage Stripe Duvet Cover & Sham
from Pottery Barn
Happy 4th of July Banner
Click on the picture to buy one.
America- Patriotic Wood Plaque with Vinyl Lettering
and you can buy this.
Or, I might just have to make this apron for cooking in July.
OR, I might just go get out the Fourth of July decoratations I already have and put them up, wouldn’t that be fun.

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