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I love the idea of getting rid of everything I own, well almost everything.  That is exactly where the problem starts. I can’t get rid of that because I paid x amount for it. I can’t get rid of this; it has to much sentimental value and on and on. I give myself excuses to keep what I don’t really need and I end up keeping most of my stuff, even though I want less stuff!

Yesterday I got rid of about one-fourth of my closet. It felt good, I wanted to get rid of more, but I just couldn’t part with it. Tragic! It’s just stuff. Why do I keep it?

After the closet, I moved on to books. I have actually bought books at the DI that I gave away! (I’ve done that with clothes, too. But only once.) I gave away about 20 books. It was super easy!

I’m going to go through the kitchen later today. I’m sure I can find 20 unused\unwanted kitchen items.

Why am I doing this?

I don’t want things to matter. I want to live my life free enough that most of my stuff doesn’t matter that much to me. I want to be free from the pull of STUFF.

It takes a ton of will power to NOT buy. It takes a ton of discipline to keep your house pared down to what is necessary. Stuff has a way of expanding when you turn your back. For me, clothes and books are things that just keep coming in. I will admit that I bring them in. At the time, I think I need them.

I have been really inspired over the years with the idea of less. Once I gave away most of my closet, and most of my kids toys. It was a great time in my life. But over the years we’ve gotten more, and now I’m ready to set it all free again. I don’t need it.

I need the peace that comes from empty space. I need the peace that comes from drawers that shut easily. I need the peace of a closet with 30 things in it. I need the peace of not having anything stored under my bed. I need the peace of bookshelves that hold pictures of people I love or meaningful things, not crammed with books, books, books.

I need the peace that comes from having less.

And the only way to get that is to actually have less.

Less stuff = more peace.

Here are some blog posts that really inspired me:





Happy reading! And I wish you much success in your journey of decluttering.


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Lately I have been on a cleaning, organizing, decluttering kick.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about decluttering, and about cleaning, and I have been reading a lot of inspiring books.  “Home Comforts” being my favorite right now.  And of course, the classic (in my book) “It’s all to Much” by Peter Walsh.  I might have time to actually do some of the things I am reading about if I quit reading and started cleaning. But, reading is so much more fun.

  Currently (this very minute) I have all the wash in the laundry room done. And, this is the truly amazing part, it’s all folded and put away.  I’m not sure that’s ever happened before.  It might not of, because when I got the last two loads done, I had to go buy more hangers.  We were completely out!!  I have been trying to get rid of all wire hangers.  I hate them. (NO, wire hangers, EVER!! I think that movie had more more effect on me than I ever knew). I would like everyone to have a closet where all the hangers match.  It just looks more neat and tidy that way.  I picked wooden hangers for my closet. Everyone steals them.  I can’t say I blame them, they are better than the plastic hangers I buy for their closets, and they are worlds apart from the dreaded wire hangers that seem to multiply when no one is looking.  So I bought white plastic hangers at the dollar store. I am sure you are thinking that I should just go through and purge all the closets, that would free up some hangers, but this has already been done, and we are down to the bare minimum for clothing. I HAD to buy those hangers.

 I can’t show a new and improved picture of the closets because they look about the same, only now they each have about five new hangers in them. So, sorry to say, the closets don’t look much better, but the laundry room is looking beautiful.  (I’m trying not to think about all the clothes that people are currently wearing and getting dirty.  I hope they don’t want to put them in the laundry room.)

 Here is a great post on laundry and laundry rooms:

Restyled Home: Wash Day

I have also been working on setting up a daily routine for cleaning the house.  My children do a lot of the cleaning with me.  They have a pretty intense job chart for the summer.  When they do it, the house looks beautiful, even when they don’t do everything on the list, the house still stays fairly clean.  When they do nothing on the list, we are all in trouble.

A couple of blogs that I like to read have made notebooks called “Home Management Binders”.  They are pretty serious about these.  They have totally inspired me to make one, too.  Here is a link to one that I really like, its a different version, it’s called a sparkbook.

And yet, another one is found here:


I am going to make one but with different categories. I might post about it when I get done.  I’m going to include daily job charts, decorating ideas, financial goals and bill due dates, movies I would like to see, deep cleaning jobs and when to do them, organizing ideas, holidays and family traditions and other categories as needed.

My next cleaning project is to tackle the sock bin.  I could do a whole post on just socks, but I will spare you the details for now, at least, because I need to go sweep the floor, but first one more chapter from “It’s all to much”  that way I can just throw away everything I find on the floor and not feel even a little bit guilty about it.  Hey, it’s decluttering and cleaning all at once!!! Fabulous idea.

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